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FemTouch™ Solution to Vaginal Atrophy


Postmenopausal vaginal atrophy is the thinning of the walls of the vagina caused by decreased estrogen levels. The vaginal tissue, which is usually elastic and spongey, becomes thin, incapable of stretching without tears and is predisposed to more vaginal infection. In some cases, it can make sexual intercourse too painful, affecting both partners. This thinning most commonly occurs after menopause.*


Problems associated with vaginal atrophy*:


  • Increased chronic vaginal infections
  • Urinary function problems (stress incontinence)
  • Uncomfortable or painful sexual intercourse
  • Tissue tearing or rupture
  • Loss of sexual pleasure

FemTouch™ Special Pricing


Purchase a package of 3 FemTouch treatments for a discounted price of $1,900 (reg. price $800 each) for a savings of $500. FemTouch is our most popular Vaginal Atrophy Treatment.


Fractional CO2 therapy


Femtouch minimally invasive fractional CO2 laser has become an alternative non-hormonal therapy with lasting benefits.*


Benefits of treatment:*


  • Increased elasticity
  • Thicker stronger tissue
  • Increased natural lubrication
  • More pleasurable sexual interaction
  • Decrease in incontinence from restored tissue support

Treatment increases the formation of new mucosal tissue with an increased blood supply which helps with dryness and elasticity. Femtouch was developed by Lumenis, a major worldwide laser manufacturer for the past 3 decades.*In a related study, over 91% of patients treated with fractional CO2 laser (3 sessions) expressed satisfaction and a measurable improvement in quality of life.*

FemTouch Patient Testimonial

According to the American Association of Family Physicians, up to 40 percent of postmenopausal women have atrophic vaginitis (vaginal atrophy). Vaginal atrophy and its symptoms progressively worsen; some studies show up to 80% of postmenopausal experience some level of vaginal atrophy.*Hormone therapy is one option for this problem, but many women have health issues or concerns that make hormone replacement therapy an ill advised option.*