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Non-surgical option for tightening of the vagina


Loosening of the vaginal canal from vaginal childbirth or aging is troublesome to a large number of women. As it can be somewhat embarrassing to discuss, few women seek treatment unless they feel they are desperate enough for surgical tightening.*


With the advances recently available with nonsurgical lasers, vaginal canal tightening is becoming much more mainstream and far more easily contemplated.



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Our clinic is now offering the newest of non-surgical Er:YAG laser therapies: FDA-approved IntimaLase™ for treating vaginal relaxation syndrome. The laser has a heating effect on collagen in the vaginal walls, causing restructuring and stimulation of new collagen synthesis. This causes a tightening of the vaginal canal and subsequently greater sexual satisfaction.*


Laser treatment for this problem is relatively new. Most people equate lasers with tissue destruction, but the IntimaLase procedure uses a laser that doesn’t remove or damage tissue so there is essentially no recovery period outside of abstaining from sexual activity for 72 hours.*


Treatment is short and usually involves 2 sessions  15 to 30 days apart.*

What is vaginal relaxation syndrome?


Vaginal relaxation syndrome (loose vagina) is defined as the increase in the inner diameter of the vaginal wall. It can result in loss of friction and of sexual satisfaction for both a woman and her partner.*


What are the causes of vaginal relaxation?


The most common cause of vaginal relaxation is the overstretching of the vaginal wall during childbirth, which can increase with the number of births. Other causes are congenital connective tissue weakness and natural aging.*


What are the treatment options?


Until now, effective results could only be achieved through invasive surgical treatments such as anterior and posterior vaginal plastic surgery. There are many post-operative complications associated with these procedures and a high degree of dissatisfaction with the results.*


Clinical Results of IntimaLase


95% assessed the changed of their vaginal tightness as strongly to moderately improved after IntimaLase™ treatment*
Average shrinkage of vaginal canal after IntimaLase™ treatment was 17%*
High level of patient satisfaction (97%)*


Who will perform my procedure?


IntimaLase procedures are performed by Dr. Darush Mohyi. Dr. Mohyi has been a practicing OB/GYN specialist and Fertility specialist for over 25 years.

Intimalase Procedure Certified

Intimalase Procedure Certified