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ThermiVa™ Radio Frequency


At La Jolla Cosmetic Gynecology we offer many non-surgical procedures. Our newest treatment is ThermiVa™. This procedure consists of using radio-frequency heat to tighten the vaginal canal, the labia majora (camel toe), reduce urinary incontinence, improve atrophy (dryness), increase sensitivity (heightened orgasms), and mild prolapse reduction.*


Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation | ThermiVa™ Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal loosening and labial tissue flaccidity is something few women discuss outside their close girlfriend circle.

Age and pregnancy affect internal and external tissues, causing a loss of firmness and tightness inside and expanded tissue externally.*

Surgical options such are labiaplasty or vaginoplasty are painful and expensive with sometimes difficult recovery and occasional unexpected scarring can trade one problem for another.*

The Doctors aired a segment following Dr. Berman’s own ThermiVa™ treatment. View Dr. Berman’s ThermiVa™ post treatment video.


ThermiVa™ is a completely nonsurgical, no discomfort and no downtime option to address both internal and external concerns. Radio frequency is used to deliver heat that tightens the vaginal canal and helps firm external labial tissue.*


ThermiVA™ Benefits*

  • Non-surgical, no downtime or discomfort
  • Tighten and tone internally and externally
  • Reduce vaginal dryness
  • Helps incontinence
  • Improve orgasm and sexual intensity


How ThermiVA™ Works

ThermiVa uses a slim wand to gently heat tissue to a predetermined temperature which contracts tissue and stimulates new collagen.*

The vaginal muscles undergo a progressive relaxation following delivering of babies and this relaxation occurs even if you elected a C-section!

Aging and change of hormones also contribute to laxity, reduced sensation during intercourse, vaginal dryness, mild/moderate incontinence and reduced orgasm.*


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What to Expect

A single use wand, no thicker than a finger, is introduced into the vagina. As temperatures of the tissue reach the target level, the wand is slowly withdrawn until the subsequent sections are adequately treated. If the labia are flaccid and loose the wand can be used in that area also to tighten the tissues.*

The treatment is a warm sensation (temperature control allows the tissue to get as warm as tolerable), and takes about 30 minutes.*

Patients typically have three treatments, each treatment a month apart. Most patients notice improvement after the first treatment. There is no post treatment discomfort or any restrictions.*



Dr. Mohyi showing a patient the ThermiVa™ hand piece.

ThermiVa™ is performed in our Gynecology Department with Dr. Darush Mohyi.

ThermiVa Before and After – Actual Patient

Click photo to see more before and afters.