Welcome to Cosmetic Gynecology in La Jolla - La Jolla Cosmetic Gynecology
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Welcome to Cosmetic Gynecology in La Jolla

Cosmetic Gynecology is a rapidly evolving sub specialty. It is a combination of cosmetic and pelvic surgery. With the advent of the internet and reality television shows, topics such as vaginal laxity and large labia are discussed and shared openly. As early as 5 and 10 years ago these topics were never discussed publicly and women would rarely even discuss their concerns with their gynecologists. Issues such as long, thick or uneven labia were just tolerated, women did not have a surgical solution to alleviate labia pain. The only option available for incontinence and vaginal laxity after childbirth or trauma was Kegel exercises or the controversial sling surgeries.

Fast forward to 2015 and now we have lasers, radio frequency devices and advanced surgical techniques to treat multiple conditions and symptoms at once.

Please review our website or call us for a private consultation for labiaplasty or vaginal tightening in La Jolla / San Diego California.

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